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class TableCell(object):
bg_colour = None
def __init__(self, value, header=False, bg_colour=None, text_colour=None):
self.value = value
self.header = header
self.bg_colour = bg_colour
self.text_colour = text_colour
def _make_css(self):
rules = []
if self.bg_colour:
rules.append('background-color:%s' % self.bg_colour)
if self.text_colour:
rules.append('color:%s' % self.text_colour)
return '; '.join(rules)
def _repr_html_(self):
tag = 'th' if self.header else 'td'
attrs = []
style = self._make_css()
if style:
return "<%s %s>%s</%s>"% (tag, ' '.join(attrs), self.value, tag)
class TableRow(object):
def __init__(self, *cells):
self.cells = []
for c in cells:
def append_cell(self, c):
if not isinstance(c, TableCell):
c = TableCell(c)
def _repr_html_(self):
return '<tr>' + ''.join(c._repr_html_() for c in self.cells) + '</tr>'
class TableHeaderRow(TableRow):
def append_cell(self, c):
if not isinstance(c, TableCell):
c = TableCell(c, header=True)
class Table(object):
def __init__(self, *rows):
self.rows = []
for r in rows:
def append_row(self, r):
if not isinstance(r, TableRow):
r = TableRow(*r)
def _repr_html_(self):
return '<table>\n' + '\n'.join(r._repr_html_() for r in self.rows) + '\n</table>'

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pleabargain commented Jun 11, 2013

Nice! May I ask, what of csv files?

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