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Cell magic for 'await' expressions in IPython
# (c) Thomas Kluyver, 2016
# Use it under the MIT license
# This is fairly experimental. Use at your own risk.
import ast
from ast import Call, Attribute, Name, Load
import asyncio as asyncio_mod
#import astpp
from IPython.utils.text import indent
class RewriteAwait(ast.NodeTransformer):
def visit_Await(self, node):
new = Call(func=Attribute(
value=Call(func=Attribute(value=Name(id='_asyncio', ctx=Load()),
attr='get_event_loop', ctx=Load()), args=[], keywords=[]),
attr='run_until_complete', ctx=Load()), args=[node.value], keywords=[])
return ast.copy_location(new, node)
def visit_AsyncFunctionDef(self, node):
# Don't transform awaits inside an 'async def' function
return node
def visit_Return(self, node):
raise SyntaxError("Return outside function definition")
def load_ipython_extension(ip):
def asyncio(line, cell):
code_in_func = "async def __f():\n" + indent(cell)
mod = ast.parse(code_in_func)
body = mod.body[0].body
new_mod = ast.Module([RewriteAwait().visit(n) for n in body])
co = compile(new_mod, filename="<asyncio_magic>", mode="exec")
ip.user_global_ns['_asyncio'] = asyncio_mod
ip.register_magic_function(asyncio, 'cell')
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