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@talwrii talwrii/dump-keys.el
Last active Nov 3, 2017

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Dump emacs keybindings to standard out on the shell
;;; dump-keys.el -- Output emacs keybindings in a format suitable for grepping
;;; Maintained by Tal Wrii
;;; Copyright Tal Wrii 2017
;;; Copyright Justin Burkett 2015 (redistributed under GPLv3)
;;; This is highly influenced by Justin Burkett's which-keys.el
;;; and used its code as starting point
;;; Justin Burkett therefore has copyright over some of this code (as does Tal Wrii)
;;; Tal Wrii is of course responsible for everything bad about this code
;;; and should be contacted if there are any bugs.
;;; Justin Burkett is responsible for anything good and should be
;;; admired from afar.
;; The main purpose of this script is to get keybindings out of
;; emacs in a format suitable for machine processing from the commandline
;; e.g.
;; emacs-keys | grep balh | grep blah e
;; A script to doing this is included below
;; TODO: remove bugs, csv output ?, json output?, include mode info?, deal with shadowing?, sorting?
;; #!/bin/bash
;; set -o errexit
;; set -o nounset
;; set -o pipefail
;; # Write a list of emacs keys (suitable for grepping)
;; filename=$(mktemp)
;; emacsclient -eval "(with-current-buffer (window-buffer (selected-window)) (write-region (format \"%S\" (dump-keys-dump)) nil \"$filename\" ))" >/dev/null
;; cat $filename |
(defun dump-keys--map-keymap (func keymap &optional filter)
(lambda (ev def)
(when (filter ev def)
(func ev def)))
(defun dump-keys--log (&rest args)
(if dump-keys-log
(apply 'message args)))
(defun dump-keys-toggle-log ()
(setq dump-keys-log (not dump-keys-log )))
(defvar dump-keys-log nil "Print debug output to messages")
(defun dump-keys--get-keymap-bindings (keymap &optional prefix)
(dump-keys--log "Get bindings for: %S" prefix)
(apply 'append
(dump-keys--get-simple-keys keymap prefix)
(lambda (arg)
(((new-prefix keymap) arg))
(dump-keys--get-keymap-bindings keymap (if prefix (s-concat prefix " " new-prefix) new-prefix))))
(dump-keys--get-prefixes keymap))))
(defun dump-keys--get-prefixes (keymap)
(let (result)
(lambda (ev def)
(when (keymapp def)
(setq result
(key-description (list ev))
def) result))))
(defun dump-keys--get-info (prefix ev def)
(dump-keys--log "Getting key info %S %S" prefix ev)
(let ((key (key-description (list ev))))
(cons (if prefix (s-concat prefix " " key) key)
((symbolp def) (copy-sequence (symbol-name def)))
((eq 'lambda (car-safe def)) "lambda")
(t (format "%s" def))))))
(defun dump-keys--get-simple-keys (keymap &optional prefix)
(let (bindings)
(dump-keys--log "Getting simple keys for %S %S" keymap prefix)
(lambda (ev def)
(if (symbolp def)
(setq def (copy-sequence (symbol-name def) )))
(when (and def
(not (keymapp def))
(not (listp def))
(not (eq (car-safe def) 'menu-item)))
(setq bindings
(dump-keys--get-info prefix ev def) bindings))))
(dump-keys--log "Found: %S bindings" (length bindings))
(defun dump-keys--to-string (list)
(s-join "\n"
(mapcar (lambda (x) (s-join " " x)) list)))
(defun dump-keys--format-and-replace (unformatted)
"Take a list of (key . desc) cons cells in UNFORMATTED, add
faces and perform replacements according to the three replacement
alists. Returns a list (key separator description)."
(let ((sep-w-face "->")
(local-map (current-local-map))
(dolist (key-binding unformatted)
(let* ((key (car key-binding))
(orig-desc (cdr key-binding))
;; At top-level prefix is nil
(when (consp key-binding)
(car key-binding)
(cdr key-binding)
(nreverse new-list)))
(defun dump-keys-dump ()
(dump-key--to-string (dump-keys--format-and-replace (apply 'append (mapcar 'dump-keys--get-keymap-bindings (current-active-maps))))))
(provide 'dump-keys)
;;; dumpkeys ends here
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