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Created November 18, 2018 23:27
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Directly Using Access Token by googleapis for Node.js

Directly Using Access Token by googleapis for Node.js

This sample script is for directly using the refreshed access token by googleapis for Node.js. When oauth2Client.refreshAccessToken((err, tokens) => {}); is used to retrieve the refreshed access token, the following error occurs.

DeprecationWarning: The refreshAccess Token method has been deprecated, and will be removed in the 3.0 release of goo gle-auth-library. Please use the getRequestHeaders method instead.

It is required to use getRequestHeaders(). But I couldn't find the sample script using getRequestHeaders(). So I created this sample script. If this was useful for you, I'm glad.

function listFiles(auth) {
  const request = require('request');

  .then((authorization) => {
    let qs = {
      "orderBy": "name",
      "pageSize": 5,
      "q": "mimeType='application/'",
      "fields": "files(id,name)",
    let options = {
      url: "",
      qs: qs,
      method: "get",
      headers: authorization,
    request(options, (err, res, result) => {
      if (err) {
  • In this sample script, listFiles(auth) in the quickstart script is used. When you use the quickstart script, please replace listFiles(auth) to the above script.
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