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Why 9/11 Justice Takes Time

There are different reasons for different people.

Category: Fooled Celebrities

The 9/11 false flag fooled quite a large number of people. One could say it fooled several countries (thanks to centralized ownership of mass media).

  1. If you took the early consensus stance as a celebrity (meaning, like most, you were fooled), it becomes very difficult for you to say anything on the topic of 9/11, simply because it's a point of embarassment and guilt.
  2. If you have a large following and use it to go against the mythmaker-narrative, you may become a target for harassament.

And, if you're a fooled intellectual who people look toward to tell them what to think, these factors play even more significant roles in your psyche.

So long as the costs of being ignorant remain lower than the costs of being informed, this category will happily consider any topic you'd like to discuss, just as long as it's not 9/11.

Category: Informed-But-Silent Celebrities and Power Brokers

There are other celebrities and power brokers who know perfectly well that 9/11 was a false flag, but they might nevertheless choose to remain silent about it for several reasons:

  • It would hurt them financially or jeopordize their security
  • They believe (IMO, erroneously) that the costs of seeking truth/justice for 9/11 exceed the costs of allowing the myth to perpetuate and become "historical fact"

Category: Informed Celebrities

They become ridiculed and censored (this is a propaganda war, after all).

See References below.

Category: Informed Countries

There are many countries whose populations do not believe what American media says about 9/11, but this fact is rarely mentioned in the media, and there's little incentive for them to solve America's problems for it.

American allied countries also have little incentive to sacrifice their security by upsetting American leadership.

As suggested by James Corbett, other countries may choose to use it as a bargaining chip for negotiations.

Category: Informed Law Enforcement

These folks are quickly weeded out if they express their point of view to superiors, and so many simply remain bitterly silent.

Category: Ordinary Citizens (Informed-But-Silent or Fooled)

  • Those who do speak out are not celebrities, so their voice doesn't travel far
  • Those who don't speak out are afraid of the costs (perceived or real)

Category: The Guilty

Well, they have a lot to lose, and moreover they've probably come up with some way to justify their position as "correct", "good" ("good enough"?) and so they spend their time waging one war after another, and slowly censoring the Internet to ensure a "cap" on the spread of this troublesome meme.

There is, after all, the possibility they'll be able to sweep this whole business under the rug, and so they try their best to do so.

The question is: do we want these folks to remain in power, given how they've chosen to use it? Silence = yes, speaking out = no.


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