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System Beep in Node.js
function alertTerminal(){
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shovon commented Feb 7, 2013

This is what I've been looking for. Thanks!

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shovon commented Feb 7, 2013

If you are a pedant like me, and you want to prevent a new-line character from displaying onto the console, then you can use,


Instead of console.log.

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If you are using 'use strict' (which you should be) then use "\x07" instead of "\007"

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Yet another option:

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benlipp commented Jan 18, 2015

None of these work for me, but I guarantee that my speaker works. Tips?

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darylteo commented Feb 1, 2017

If anyone else comes by confused by process.stderr.on("\007"); it should be process.stderr.write("\007"); instead.

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No sounds with any of the following on macOS High Sierra, node 8.10.0:

$ node --version
$ node
> console.log('\x07')
> console.log('\007')
> console.log('\u0007')
> process.stderr.write('\x07')
> process.stderr.write('\007')
> process.stderr.write('\u0007')

node-beep seems to be built only for windows.

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@aneilbaboo You need to unfocus the terminal tab/window and make sure the "Audible bell" setting is enabled
in Preferences > Advanced

$ node
> setTimeout(() => console.log('\x07'), 1250)
// Unfocus the terminal before the timeout expires.

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mayeaux commented Jun 20, 2019

Thanks @aleclarson . I needed to unclick 'Silence bell' in my iTerm 2 profile under 'Notifications'

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ghost commented Nov 15, 2019

Is it possible to change the beep frequency and duration with nodejs? Some languages have something like: Beep(hertz, milli) (
SoundBeep, Frequency, Duration

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in git bash terminal
echo -e "\a"

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mohemos commented Aug 22, 2021

@mayeaux Mine didn't work because I was running the code in VSCode terminal, after switching to main terminal it worked

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dazhbog commented Jan 22, 2022

windows or wsl

require("child_process").exec("powershell.exe [console]::beep(500,600)");


require("child_process").exec("afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Glass.aiff");

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