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Japanese Subtitles

📓 Table of Contents 📚 Resources jp subtitles

A large repository of japanese subtitles that is updated reasonably often and has a clean design.| The most popular one, you can upload your own subs.| Often have to be retimed.

Kitsunekko mega

Mega mirrors of Kitsunekko jp subtitles.

Bandai Channel Rip

Near full rip of Bandai Channel

Xaviers Retimed Sub’s

Organized list of retimed subtitles

Subs For Japanese Films

Fairly organized list of japanese films subtitles

Netflix Japanese Subs

List of JP subtitles for common netflix shows

Netflix (Unsorted)

Extremely long unorganized list of Jp subs for netflix shows anime and live action

JP-Subtitles (Unsorted)

Pretty long list of organized subs for anime and live action shows (some titles are in japanese)


A github list of subtitles in japanese and chinese.| a chinese team uploading dual chinese+jap subs.| Github with anime subs

Nekomoekissaten Subs

A chinese team gathering chinese and japanese subtitles on github.|a chinese team doing the same thing.| Github with anime subs.

jpsubbers subs

A ton of J-dramas subtitles organized by year.| a lot of j-dramas sort by year.| Japanese dramas

Immersion Wiki Subs

Netflix, drama and most subs from other sources are also here.

Britt Vs Japan Subs

A huge github list of subtitles.| GitHub with subs

Xavier's Retimed JP Sub Pack v01 (425 Titles)

Large file of Jp subtitles, all pretimed, (longer more detailed description on website).| 425 subs


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mr robot anywhere?

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mr robot

Japanese subs for a show titled "mr robot"? It doesn't appear to be a Japanese show so I doubt you'll find them, unless you can find a dubbed version that also happens to include subtitles.

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Gameboi64 commented Aug 7, 2023

Hey, I've been looking but I can't seem to find any text subtitles for Odoru Daisousasen other than for the TV series and for Koushounin/Negotiator. I've been looking for the TV specials and movies, as well as all the other various odds and ends (namely the Shinya mo spin-off specials) so I can at least attempt to make subtitles for them as OCRing doesn't really work very well for me.

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