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import metridoc.core.Step
step(foo: "I am foo") {
println "I am from foo"
step(bar: "I am bar") {
depends "foo"
println "I am from foo"
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import javax.naming.Context
* Created with IntelliJ IDEA on 7/18/13
* @author Tommy Barker
def config = new ConfigSlurper().parse(new File("${System.getProperty("user.home")}/.metridoc/MetridocConfig.groovy").toURI().toURL())
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class BintrayGenericUpload extends DefaultTask {
File artifactFile
String artifactUrl
def publish() {
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task uploadToBintray(dependsOn: ["prepareForBintrayUpload", "publishBintrayPackages"])
task prepareForBintrayUpload << {
if (version.contains("SNAPSHOT")) {
println "bintray does not support SNAPSHOTs, skipping upload to bintray"
uploadArchives.enabled = false
publishBintrayPackages.enabled = false
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import groovy.json.JsonBuilder
//make sure you have installed groovy
//best way to install groovy:
def carRecords = '''
<car name='HSV Maloo' make='Holden' year='2006'>