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Sand workouts based on beach volleyball drills and gameplay.

Beach Volleyball Sand Workout

Workout Notes

  • workout time
    • most exercises will take 1:30-2:00 minutes ( with windsprint and rest )
    • 3x through 8 of these will be roughly 45min
  • windsprints between each workout ( roughly ~10-15 seconds, full speed )
  • 30 seconds after each windsprint ( adjust accordingly to keep heart rate up )
  • beach vball court dimensions ( one side ) are roughly 29’x29’

Running / Shuffling

  • Side Shuffle: shuffle side to side across court. repeat. keep hands in front of you, palms up.
  • Back Shuffle: start at back of court. run to net. shuffle backwards. repeat. keep hands in front of you, palms up.
  • Shuffle Variations: really any variation, including continuous around court and to corners. multiple people can do this on the same court.
  • Eagles: stay in a partial squat. bounce or hop on balls of feet on a 1, 2, 3, 4 count. on 1, each time, rotate hips 90 degrees. alternate sides. keep hands out to sides or in front, palms up. ( )


  • Dune Hops: start at the base of a dune. do jumps up the side until you reach the top. leap back down in as few a jumps as possible. repeat.
  • Cone Hops: put a cone or other obstacle in front of you. jump over it, forward and back ( or side to side ) as quickly as possible. as soon as you hit the ground, push off again. ( )
  • Jumping Lunges: Start in a lunge, left leg back and right leg at 90 degrees. Jump and land with legs in alternate lunge position. Maintain a lot of control and do these slowyly or risk injuring a knee. ( )
  • Broad Jump: jump forward as far as possible ( not height ). turn around. jump back. repeat.
  • Power Jumping Jacks: start in a squat with arms at knees. jump up and slap hands. land with feet together and hands on knees. repeat. ( )
  • Bridge March: Get into bridge position ( lay down and bring legs to 90 degrees ). Lift butt all the way up so torso and thighs are in the same plane. Hold butt up while you walk your feet out in front of you, extending legs. Once extended, keep butt raised and alternate lifing feet for a period of time. ( )
  • Get Ups: kneel in sand. hop to feet. stand. drop to knees. repeat.
  • Knee Tuck Jumps: jump straight up. start with arms back. throw arms up. pull and tuck knees at top of jump. repeat.


  • Overhead Toss: toss the volleyball to the other people in pairs or a three way circle. 60 seconds per person ( 3min if three people ). focus on using core to throw ( like a soccer throw in ).


  • Blocking: hold ball. jump and put ball as far over the net as you can without touching the net. repeat.
  • Hitting: start at mid court. take two steps to net. plant feet. squat, jump, swing. back to mid court. repeat.
  • Extended Dives ( can be dangerous ): mark center point. mark two targets five steps away from center, 90 degrees apart. start at center, dive to right. go back to center. dive to left. back to center. repeat.
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