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Tommy Byrd tcbyrd

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tcbyrd / pinnedIssues.graphql
Created Dec 13, 2018
Get pinned issues from repository id
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node(id: $nodeId) {
... on Repository {
pinnedIssues(first: 10) {
nodes {
issue {
tcbyrd / now.json
Last active Dec 26, 2018
Probot on v2
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"version": 2,
"builds": [
{ "src": "probot.js", "use": "@now/node" }
"env": {
"GITHUB_TOKEN": "@github-token",
"APP_ID": "@app-id",
"PRIVATE_KEY": "@private-key-base64"
tcbyrd / pending-invites.js
Last active May 14, 2018
Get all pending repo invitations
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const octokit = require('@octokit/rest')()
const token = process.env.OCTOKIT_TOKEN
octokit.authenticate({ type: 'token', token })
async function getInvitations (org) {
try {
let result = await octokit.repos.getForOrg({org, per_page: 100})
let repos =
tcbyrd / SCIM-SAML-Identities.graphql
Last active Apr 30, 2021
SCIM and SAML identities for all members in an Organization
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# Pass the URL for an Organization into the query
# to get a list of members in a specific Organization.
# Example: { "url": "" }
query getResource($url: URI!) {
resource(url: $url) {
... on Organization {
samlIdentityProvider {
externalIdentities(first:10) {
nodes {
scimIdentity {
tcbyrd /
Created Dec 5, 2017
Example Terraform Configuration for setting up GitHub Enterprise
  1. Upload the license and set initial password once the image is accessible via IP (API Reference)
# Setup license and management console password
curl -X POST "https://${GHE_IP}:8443/setup/api/start" -k -F license=@./github-enterprise.ghl -F "password=${GHE_PWD}"
  1. Apply settings through the Management Console API using a settings.json file (API Reference)
curl -L -X PUT "https://api_key:${GHE_PWD}@${GHE_IP}:8443/setup/api/settings" --data-urlencode "settings=`cat ./settings.json`" -k
tcbyrd /
Created Apr 11, 2017
Keybase Proof

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am tcbyrd on github.
  • I am tcbyrd ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is D8F0 EC79 927A AF55 FE71 46EC 9EDE 6D18 B63F 55D8

To claim this, I am signing this object:

tcbyrd /
Last active Apr 12, 2017
Professional Guides Videos

GitHub Professional Guides

This is a series of videos produced by Hubbers. They cover several important practices in modern software development and the features on GitHub that enable professional developers. With one exception (pre-receive hooks), features are available to all users on both and GitHub Enterprise


Video Title Description
Organizing for Successful Collaboration Defining Organizations and Teams on GitHub
Continuous Integration & Continous Delivery Define these terms, why they're used, and the tools on GitHub to support them
Finding Things The tools that exist on GitHub that help you find what you're looking for
Getting Insight into Work A quick walkthrough of the various analysis tools on GitHub to help manage branches, commits and works in progress
tcbyrd /
Created Sep 22, 2016
Route53 CNAME Update

AWS CLI command to update CNAME

When you have a set of application servers running in EC2 in an active/passive configuration, the easiest way to failover is to simply update the DNS to point to the second server as soon as it's available to serve requests. If you are using Route 53 to manage your DNS configuration, with the AWS CLI you can make this change in a single command.

Initial Setup

The CLI expects the change to be submitted via a JSON-formatted configuration file. I've inclu