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@tclancy tclancy/reindent.bat
Created Dec 10, 2011

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reindent.bat for Python on Windows
@echo off
if [%1]==[] goto USAGE
echo Usage: reindent path\to\
goto END
for %%i in (python.exe) do set PYTHONHOME=%%~dp$PATH:i
python %PYTHONHOME%\Tools\Scripts\ %1

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jeyajeya commented May 21, 2017

if name == 'main':
n = int(raw_input())
if n%2!=0 :
print ("Weird")
if n%2==0 :
n in range (2,5)
print ("Not Weird")
if n%2==0 :
n in range (6,20)
print ("Weird")
if n>20 :
print ("Weird")

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