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Last active August 29, 2015 14:05
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Guidelines Behind Prose Diffs
  • The units of meaning is not the "line", but the word, sentence, paragraph, section.
  • Editing a word/sentence/paragraph/section is different than moving it elsewhere.
  • If a sentence or paragraph or section changed, you would want to show which specific parts of it changed, instead of highlighting the entire larger unit.
  • It would likely be helpful to show the change in context, possibly as a before/after toggle.
  • Markup would be very difficult to parse. (Open/close tags across sentences, etc.) But markdown would be all right.
  • There are trivial changes, meaningful changes, and then meaningful changes that you want to call out.
  • Adding line breaks don’t matter, unless it forms a new paragraph.
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Yes, exactly this!

Markup is QUITE a pain.

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