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api0cradle / check_vulnerabledrivers.ps1
Created May 19, 2023 14:13
A quick script to check for vulnerable drivers. Compares drivers on system with list from
# Simple script to check drivers in C:\windows\system32\drivers against the loldrivers list
# Author: Oddvar Moe -
$drivers = get-childitem -Path c:\windows\system32\drivers
$web_client = new-object
$loldrivers = $web_client.DownloadString("") | ConvertFrom-Json
Write-output("Checking {0} drivers in C:\windows\system32\drivers against json file" -f $drivers.Count)
foreach ($lol in $loldrivers.KnownVulnerableSamples)
lzybkr / Get-AmIPwned.ps1
Last active August 21, 2023 08:16
Reports if your password is pwned by querying
Query to see if a password has appeared in a breach.
The query sends the first 5 characters of the SHA1 hash, so the query should be considered safe and anonymous.
PatrickLang /
Last active July 20, 2023 07:52
Automated deployments of Windows Server 2016

This is a draft that will ultimately be blogged later. If you're seeing this after April 2017 it's probably out of date.

Making a pre-updated Windows Server 2016 ISO


  1. Install the Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit
  2. Download a Windows Server 2016 ISO such as the trial here - TODO
  3. Download the latest cumulative update