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go_expvar.yaml Sample for Trivial Web App
# Most memstats metrics are exported by default
# See for their explanation
- expvar_url: http://localhost:8000/debug/vars
- "application_name:myapp"
- "optionaltag2"
# These metrics are just here as examples.
# Most memstats metrics are collected by default without configuration needed.
- path: memstats/PauseTotalNs
alias: go_expvar.gc.pause_time_in_ns
type: rate
- "metric_tag1:tag_value1"
- "metric_tag2:tag_value2"
- path: memstats/Alloc # metric will be reported as a gauge by default
- path: memstats/Lookups
type: rate
- path: memstats/Mallocs # with no name specified, the metric name will default to a path based name
type: rate
- path: memstats/Frees
type: rate
- path: memstats/BySize/1/Mallocs # You can get nested values by separating them with "/"
- path: myvariable
alias: go_expvar.my_custom_name
type: gauge
- path: routes/get_.*/count # You can use a regex when you want to report for all elements matching a certain pattern
- path: hits_per_minute
alias: go_expvar.hits_per_minute
type: gauge
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