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terrag42 / DSEG7Classic-BoldFont.h
Last active Dec 17, 2016
Lunar Phase Weather Station
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[Name] 7-segment Font DSEG7 Family
[Version] 0.30(2015.07.20)
[File Type] Derived from TTF(True Type Font)
[License] Free(See link for details)
[Copyrights] Keshikan(
// Converted by written by Squix78 Consider a donation
// In case of problems make sure that you are using the font file with the correct version!
terrag42 / Small Airship Reverse Engineer
Last active Sep 29, 2016
Reverse engineering the Small Airship LED DJ party light (8x8 matrix)
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// This site could be helpful:
#define data_pin 12
#define latch_pin 13
#define clock_pin 14
void setup()
int shift = 0;
pinMode(data_pin, OUTPUT);
View Digispark Mushrooms
YouTube Video Link:
This mushroom Lights project is built using a TCRT5000 infrared LED/transistor pair.
For the infrared LED, a 100ohm resistor is connected in series with +5v and the LED.
A 4.7k resistor connected in series between +5v and the emitter of the transistor.
Analog pin A1 (pin 2 on digispark) is connected to the emitter of the transistor.
I'm assuming the project is switched off at least once every 50 days so the millis() does not overflow back to zero.
const uint8_t MUSHPIN [] = {0,1,4}; //PWM pins on the Digispark. Connect the infrared sensor to pin 2 (=A1)