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I sent the site to a couple professional friends who are working software engineers as well as a novice user.
Issue #1: On iphone there is a small issue with if you leave my site and go to a new tab, then return to the tab,
you will get what appears to be a FOUC on the left and right sides of the navbar. It is very minimal and only happening on the iphone.
This is something to do with the css of the navbar, will keep looking into it, but it is so minor that I dont mind right now.
Issue #2: Couple people thought I could reword my bio a bit differently to exclude what appeared to be negatives if looked at
by an interviewer. This is obviously a matter of perspective, but to be safe, I reworded my bio section a bit.
All in all, positive feedback on the layout and feel of it. Everyone loved the layout and color scheme.
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Github Page:
(I went awol having a good time creating the page that I passed right by saving my wireframe for turnin and published the Full Site with the bought domain below)
Live site:
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Headline: Appears at top of page:
Hi, I’m Tyler. I’m a full stack developer based in St. Petersburg.
I am a web developer and recent graduate of the Full Stack Web Development Career Path bootcamp at Thinkful. I found my love of technology after building (and frying) my first pc when I was 12. Since then, technology has just been a lifelong hobby until recently deciding to make a switch in my career path to become a web developer.
The thrill of seeing my ideas and code come to life is very satisfying. Even more satisfying, is finally fixing that busted code that’s had me banging my head on my desk for the last five hours. Once I experienced those moments, I was hooked. Now, other hobbies have taken the backseat as I spend majority of my time learning new libraries or frameworks, while simultaneously trying to reach that expert status on the basics.
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Even or odd: Constant time 0(1)
No matter the input, will always take 1 tick to determine even or odd.
Are you Here:polynomial run time complexity (O(n^2)) **REVIEW**NOT WORKING AS INTENDED**
No idea how to make it work, moving on, I just know it is polynomial because it simply looks like it...
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The responses were about as I figured. There is an issue with how I am using React router at the moment thats causing a refresh to break the site if you are inside a clicked <Link /> to individual posts.
TODO: Add Link notes inside the application somewhere.
TODO: Novice users struggle a bit to learn how to get Links, a forseen situation, the above todo and maybe more clear instructions are needed.
FUTURE TODO: Really need some better error handling when it comes to broken or misused links when posting. Right now, users just need to delete their post and try again.
We couldn’t find that file to show.
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Landing Page:
Post Form Modal(On Post Button Click):
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As a user, I should be able to create an account.
As a user, I should be able to login.
As a user, I should be able to post an image or gif.
As a user, I should be able to post a title for my posted image or gif.
As a user, I should be able to comment on all posted images or gifs.
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imGif lets you share images or gifs with everyone that has access to the site and allows users to comment on each image.
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