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giannisp / gist:ebaca117ac9e44231421f04e7796d5ca
Last active March 1, 2024 14:39
Upgrade PostgreSQL 9.6.5 to 10.0 using Homebrew (macOS)
After automatically updating Postgres to 10.0 via Homebrew, the pg_ctl start command didn't work.
The error was "The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 9.6, which is not compatible with this version 10.0."
Database files have to be updated before starting the server, here are the steps that had to be followed:
# need to have both 9.6.x and latest 10.0 installed, and keep 10.0 as default
brew unlink postgresql
brew install postgresql@9.6
brew unlink postgresql@9.6
brew link postgresql
thanpolas / singleton-class.js
Created September 16, 2016 09:45
ES6 Singleton Pattern
* @fileOverview Singleton pattern on ES6.
import logger from './logger.midd';
* The class statement.
dhh /
Last active August 30, 2023 09:33
Basecamp is under network attack (DDoS)

Basecamp was under network attack

The attack detailed below has stopped (for the time being) and almost all network access for almost all customers have been restored. We're keeping this post and the timeline intact for posterity. Unless the attack resumes, we'll post a complete postmortem within 48 hours (so before Wednesday, March 26 at 11:00am central time).

Criminals have laid siege to our networks using what's called a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) starting at 8:46 central time, March 24 2014. The goal is to make Basecamp, and the rest of our services, unavailable by flooding the network with bogus requests, so nothing legitimate can come through. This attack was launched together with a blackmail attempt that sought to have us pay to avoid this assault.

Note that this attack targets the network link between our servers and the internet. All the data is safe and sound, but nobody is able to get to it as long as the attack is being successfully executed. This is like a bunch of people

mikeal / gist:9242748
Last active June 23, 2020 05:17
Response to Nodejitsu NPM Trademark

I've known people at nodejitsu for years, since before the company even existed. I still consider many of them friends. That said, somebody over there has lost their mind.

Trademarks are an important part of open source. They protect the integrity of the trust that is built by any project. A classic example of why this is the case is Firefox. Suppose that a malware producer takes the Firefox codebase, which is free and open source, packages up their malware with it and then releases it as "Firefox". Then they buy search advertising and suddenly their bad and malicious version of Firefox is the first result on search engines across the web. This is clearly a bad thing for Firefox and open source everywhere, but what can Mozilla do to protect their community of users?

They can't enforce a software license since the use is permitted under the Mozilla Public License. They can, however, enforce on these hypothetical bad actors using their trademark on the word "Fi

var express = require("express");
// Create the API application.
var api = express();
api.get("/v1/money", function(req, res) {
res.json({ "bling": "$$$" });
module.exports = api;
thanpolas / test.js
Created February 13, 2014 13:52
How to test a promise returning async method using Mocha
test('test case', function(done) {
promise.method(function(result) {
assert.equal(, 'mocha');
}).then(done, done);
mikeal / gist:8947417
Created February 12, 2014 00:27
NPM history.

[In reply to]

Here's the history, hope it helps.

I wrote the original version of the npm registry in a day or two on top of CouchDB. I built it quickly and didn't think much about scale.

Isaacs continued to improve and maintain that code. At one point he even wrote up an open standard for generic js package registries for CommonJS but they didn't seem to care (they were too busy arguing about promises).

At the time I wrote the initial code I was employed at CouchOne and we had a small CouchDB hosting platform operated by Jason Smith which is where we ran the registry free of charge. Later on, after CouchOne was aquired by Membase and became Couchbase, it decided to break off the hosting company and give/sell it to Jason Smith, which became IrisCouch.

anonymous / gist:8730799
Created January 31, 2014 12:01
27ms Created RTCPeerConnnection with: config: '{"iceServers":[{"url":""}]}'; constraints: '{"mandatory":{"OfferToReceiveAudio":true,"OfferToReceiveVideo":true}}'.
85ms onSignalingStateChanged() ::, signalingstatechange
86ms Set session description success.
221ms ICE Candidate. Type:, HOST, Medium:, audio, Candidate:, a=candidate:505434299 1 udp 2113937151 61829 typ host generation 0
221ms ICE Candidate. Type:, HOST, Medium:, audio, Candidate:, a=candidate:505434299 2 udp 2113937151 61829 typ host generation 0
thanpolas / Gruntfie.js
Last active December 26, 2015 16:48
Grunt Config for node server + livereload
module.exports = function (grunt) {
express: {
options: {
// Override defaults here
web: {
options: {
domenic / 1-Domenic.js
Last active September 30, 2021 15:43
How DI container config should work (in JS)
"use strict";
// Domenic needs a Tweeter
function Domenic(tweeter) {
this.tweeter = tweeter;
Domenic.inject = ["tweeter"];
Domenic.prototype.doSomethingCool = function () {
return this.tweeter.tweet("Did something cool!");