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Front End Bootcamp

Front End Bootcamp


This course will teach you everything (and quite a bit more!) to become a Jr. Front-end Developer at a company of your choice. It begins with a firm grounding in the basic language of the web, or as I call it the "structure of the web", HTML.

If HTML is the "structure" then surely CSS is the "look and feel". Without it, your HTML will not look good, and the display of your HTML will be at the whims of the browser (Chrome, IE) that you render it in. CSS tames the structure of HTML into a beautiful, visually appealing "web page"

I then move you onto Javascript, which is certainly where you start your first 'real programming'. I describe Javascript as the "usability" of a "web page" because too much and your page is not usable, not enough, and it could be more usable. With Javascript, you can make pages more 'interactive' and reduce 'page loads'.

Then we wrap it all up with the "sugar" of Javascript, jQuery. If you needed to write something in "pure" Javascript it might take you 20 lines. In jQuery it might take 4. jQuery is a "special form" of Javascript or a "Javascript Framework". This is where you will begin to see the page "come alive" instead of just sitting there looking pretty.

Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery

Course Table of Contents

  1. HTML

  2. The 'structure' of a web page

  3. Paragraphs, divs, and spans

  4. Images and links

  5. Lists, and tables

  6. Forms and data

  7. CSS

  8. The 'look and feel' of a web page

  9. Typography and color

  10. Whitespace and margin

  11. Background images

  12. Visibility and positioning

  13. Javascript

  14. The 'usability' of a web page

  15. Art of debugging

  16. Document and window

  17. Enter the jQuery

  18. jQuery

  19. The "sugar" of Javascript

  20. Interacting with HTML

  21. Interacting with CSS

  22. Interacting with forms

  23. Interacting with cookies

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