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Used to insert a CSS file <link> tag once no matter how often it's called. HTTP/2 inline CSS is why I wrote this.
// This is defined somewhere high up in functions.php
// $GLOBALS['cnmd_inline_css_record'] = array();
* Used to shoot out css files in-line, and only once per file. Uses the CSS ID as an
* index into an array to prevent dupes.
* @param $handle
* @param $path
* @return string
function cnmd_get_inline_css_file( $handle, $path ) {
if ( !isset($GLOBALS['cnmd_inline_css_record'][$handle] ) ) {
$GLOBALS['cnmd_inline_css_record'][$handle] = true;
return '<link rel="stylesheet" id="' . $handle . '" href="' . $path . '" media="all">';
return '';
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