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@thebuilder thebuilder/hookWithRef.js
Last active Jul 16, 2019

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Hook with ref callback
import React, {useCallback, useRef} from 'react'
function useHookWithRefCallback() {
const ref = useRef(null)
const setRef = useCallback(node => {
if (ref.current) {
// Make sure to cleanup any events/references added to the last instance
if (node) {
// Check if a node is actually passed. Otherwise node would be null.
// You can now do what you need to, addEventListeners, measure, etc.
// Save a reference to the node
ref.current = node
}, [])
return [setRef]
function Component() {
// In your component you'll still recieve a `ref`, but it
// will be a callback function instead of a Ref Object
const [ref] = useHookWithRefCallback()
return <div ref={ref}>Ref element</div>
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