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Install MailHog with MAMP Pro

Install MailHog with MAMP Pro, using HomeBrew.


First let's make sure HB is updated. Open up terminal for the following steps.

$ brew update

Now let's install MailHog.

$ brew install mailhog

Set MailHog to start when OSX boots.

$ brew services start mailhog

Now you can access MailHog at it's default location,

Lastly, we need to configure MAMP's PHP to use MailHog.

Edit the php.ini for the version of PHP you are using with MAMP.In MAMP: File > Edit Template > PHP (php.ini) > 7.1.8 (latest PHP MAMP includes at the time of writing this).

Search for sendmail_path in your php.ini, by default is is commented out, uncomment it. Change value to below:

sendmail_path = /usr/local/Cellar/mailhog/1.0.0/bin/MailHog sendmail test@test

Current MailHog version is 1.0.0. To find the current version run $ brew info mailhog.


My homebrew install contained both 0.2.1 and 1.0.0. Using either of these in the sendmail config seemed to work in my use case, but I kept 1.0.0 in the config.

When MAMP updates are installed, they generally include updated versions of PHP, and configuration changes to the php.ini are usually lost. So make a note that when you update MAMP (or if you toggle between PHP versions) you will need to reconfigure the sendmail_path in your php.ini.

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