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Last active December 26, 2023 17:50
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My CS bookmarks.


Learning & Practice

  • Pramp: Free forever peer-to-peer technical interview practice.
  • InterviewBit: Gamified practice for typical coding interview questions.
  • Project Euler: Math/CS related challenge problems. Try them and complete them at your own pace.
  • What every CS major should know: Exactly what the title says it is. A little outdated, but still quite accurate and relevant.



  • The Noun Project: Find icons for your project.
  • Font Awesome: A collection of scalable vector icons for web development.
  • IcoMoon: Scalable vector icons, pick and choose which ones you need.


  • Convertio: Convert media/docs from one type to another easily and securely online.
  • HTML to HAML: Convert HTML to HAML files.


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