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Keenan Thompson thekeenant

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KdotJPG /
Last active Sep 25, 2020
Visually isotropic coherent noise algorithm based on the simplectic honeycomb.
* 2014 OpenSimplex Noise in Java.
* by Kurt Spencer
* Updated Dec 2019 and Feb 2020:
* - New lattice-symmetric gradient sets
* - Optional alternate lattice orientation evaluators
* This implementation has been updated to slightly improve its output, but it is recommented to first
* try the newer OpenSimplex2S or OpenSimplex2F noise. These are located in the OpenSimplex2 repo:
gdamjan /
Last active Sep 26, 2020
Setup for an easy to use, simple reverse http tunnels with nginx and ssh. It's that simple there's no authentication at all. The end result, a single ssh command invocation gives you a public url for your web app hosted on your laptop.


A lot of times you are developing a web application on your own laptop or home computer and would like to demo it to the public. Most of those times you are behind a router/firewall and you don't have a public IP address. Instead of configuring routers (often not possible), this solution gives you a public URL that's reverse tunnelled via ssh to your laptop.

Because of the relaxation of the sshd setup, it's best used on a dedicated virtual machine just for this (an Amazon micro instance for example).


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