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Devops for Drupal
  • Dev/Stage/Live environment
  • Software for issues (eg Jira, GitHub etc)
  • Security monitoring
  • Git precommit hooks
  • Git hosting (eg Gitlab, GitHub, Bitbucket)
  • CI (eg CircleCI)
  • Development tools (eg performance, build etc)
  • Collaboration tools (eg Slack)
  • Drupal specific hosting (Acquia, Pantheon, Amazee etc)
  • Drush custom commands
  • Drupal-console commands
  • Installation profile
  • Docker
  • Clear caches tasks
  • Testing tools
  • System monitoring
  • Databases actions (backup etc)
  • Email groups (to cc multiple users)
  • Deployment tasks
  • Drupal update/upgrade tasks
  • Drupal config import/export
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