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The Gizra way pricing method

Basic rules

A simple pricing estimation method to avoid cost and time pitfalls. See more at

  • Everyone should understand the "pricing" table (simple naming etc)
  • Split the project to undestandable taks
  • Set max of 12hr for a task (more hr cannot be accurate)
  • Setup a human language for the tasks
  • Create group of tasks with a visible result (eg a webpage, a complete functionality etc)
  • Write zero prices for almost zero time tasks (eg a Drupal login)
  • With Drupal we can split tasks and estimate time is easier because of the architecture of the CMS (menu, entities, fields etc)
  • Everybody should be able to write an offer
  • Everyone should have access to the pricing table
  • Set strict time for the tasks (use the same time for development)
  • Fix estimations when you have more info (?)

Development example

Example Spreadsheet

Migrations example

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