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How to move a Drupal site from Server A to Server B

How to move a Drupal site from Server A to Server B.

  1. Create the Domain on Server B
  2. Create the Emails on Server B
  3. Create the Database on Server B
  4. Download the database from Server A using backup_migrate
  5. Rsync files from Server A to Server B using ssh. Be careful to also transfer the dotfiles (or use git if is set)
  6. Install drush on Server B (see drush-installer)
  7. Install Drupal on Server B with a clean Database
  8. Enable module backup_migrate on the new site on Server B
  9. Restore the Database on the Server B site using backup_migrate module
  10. Clear caches on Server B site
  11. Setup cron for the new site on Server B (see
  12. Change the DNS for the new Domain
  13. Change SMTP module settings on the new site (change server name)
  14. Install SSL from LetsEncrypt
  15. Create an ssh key on Server B and upload it on the git PaaS (Github, Bitbucket etc) to allow git push (if exists)
  16. If the site is an eCommerce site using credit card payments notify the Bank about the new IP, Sever name etc
  17. Remove old database, files, emails, cron jobs from the old site on Server A
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