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Working from home
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ceejbot /
Last active Jul 17, 2019
npm's proposal for supporting ES modules in node

ESM modules in node: npm edition

The proposal you’re about to read is not just a proposal. We have a working implementation of almost everything we discussed here. We encourage you to checkout and build our branch: our fork, with the relevant branch selected. Building and using the implementation will give you a better understanding of what using it as a developer is like.

Our implementation ended up differing from the proposal on some minor points. As our last action item before making a PR, we’re writing documentation on what we did. While I loathe pointing to tests in lieu of documentation, they will be helpful until we complete writing docs: the unit tests.

This repo also contains a bundled version of npm that has a new command, asset. You can read the documentation for and goals of that comma

tkfm-yamaguchi /
Last active Jul 3, 2019
source-highlight's language definition file for YAML
@@ -169,3 +169,5 @@
groovy = groovy.lang
json = json.lang
feature = feature.lang
+yaml = yaml.lang
+yml = yaml.lang
thevangelist / my-component.spec.js
Created Aug 4, 2016
The only React.js component test you'll ever need (Enzyme + Chai)
View my-component.spec.js
import React from 'react';
import { shallow } from 'enzyme';
import MyComponent from '../src/my-component';
const wrapper = shallow(<MyComponent/>);
describe('(Component) MyComponent', () => {
it('renders without exploding', () => {
mbajur / .md
Created Apr 29, 2016
How to create small, unique tokens in Ruby
View .md

How to create small, unique tokens in Ruby

That is is basically a "fork" of blog article i'm constantly returning to. It seems that the blog is down:

My choice: Dave Bass’s rand().to_s() trick

Dave Bass proposed this which I picked up for my implementation (here for an 8-chars token):

janko / 1-activerecord.rb
Last active Jan 24, 2019
INSERTing 50,000 records into a database in ActiveRecord, Arel, SQL, activerecord-import and Sequel.
View 1-activerecord.rb
require "active_record"
ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection(adapter: "sqlite3", database: ":memory:")
ActiveRecord::Migration.class_eval do
create_table(:records) do |t|
t.string :column
data = { |i| Hash[column: "Column #{i}"] }
ebidel / app.html
Last active May 14, 2019
Fast Polymer app loading - optimized for first render, progressively enhanced lazy loading
View app.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
body.loading #splash {
opacity: 1;
#splash {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
dideler /
Last active Aug 26, 2019
Upgrading PostgreSQL from 9.3 to 9.4 when upgrading Ubuntu 14.04 to 14.10


Create a backup:

pg_dumpall > mybackup.sql

Perform the upgrade:

sudo pg_dropcluster 9.4 main --stop
maxim / task.yml
Created Jun 12, 2014
Adding github to known_hosts with ansible
View task.yml
- name: ensure is a known host
dest: /root/.ssh/known_hosts
create: yes
state: present
line: "{{ lookup('pipe', 'ssh-keyscan -t rsa') }}"
regexp: "^github\\.com"
franksmule / gulpfile.js
Last active Aug 8, 2017
gulp.js that does SASS, JS Concatenation Watching - Tutorial ->
View gulpfile.js
//*********** IMPORTS *****************
var gulp = require('gulp');
var sass = require('gulp-ruby-sass');
var gutil = require('gulp-util');
var rename = require("gulp-rename");
var map = require("map-stream");
var livereload = require("gulp-livereload");
var concat = require("gulp-concat");
var uglify = require('gulp-uglify');
var watch = require('gulp-watch');
cpb / example.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
replace method with method object
View example.rb
class UserAdder <, :company_id, :role)
extend FriendlyMethodObject
def initialize(*)
# Provide defaults for optional members
self.role ||= :default_role
def call
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