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23:04:36 | freenodecom (~com@freenode/staff) has joined #grapheneos
23:04:36 | Mode #grapheneos [+o freenodecom] by freenodecom
23:04:36 | freenodecom has changed topic for #grapheneos from "We're fully migrating to Matrix without a bridge to Freenode: There are also #grapheneos and #grapheneos-offtopic channels on and OFTC bridged with the Matrix rooms, but Matrix offers the best experience." to "This channel has moved to ##grapheneos. The topic is in violation of freenode policy:"
23:04:36 @freenodecom | This channel has been reopened with respect to the communities and new users. The topic is in violation of freenode policy
23:04:36 | Mode #grapheneos [-ov strcat strcat] by freenodecom
23:04:36 | Mode #grapheneos [+o freenodecom] by OperServ
23:04:36 | Mode #grapheneos [-s] by ChanServ
23:04:36 | Mode #grapheneos [-ov anthraxx anthraxx] by freenodecom
23:04:38 @freenodecom | The new channel is ##grapheneos
23:04:44 | Mode #grapheneos [+spi] by freenodecom
23:04:44 | freenodecom (~com@freenode/staff) has left #grapheneos
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