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Jérémie Chassaing thinkbeforecoding

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thinkbeforecoding / start.ps1
Created Oct 10, 2016
Github desktop for PS
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. $env:UserProfile\AppData\Local\GitHub\shell.ps1
Function Start-SSHAgent{
[string]$socketfile="/tmp/.ssh-socket", # Used as input to ssh-agent, which expects POSIX format paths
[string]$pidFile="$env:TEMP\.ssh-agent-pid" # Used as input to Out-File which expects Windows format paths
thinkbeforecoding / LogaryMetrics.fs
Created Sep 7, 2016
Sample to report timing metrics
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open Hopac
open Hopac.Infixes
open NodaTime
open Logary
open Logary.Metrics.Reservoirs
open Logary.Configuration
open Logary.Targets
open Metric
module PointName =
thinkbeforecoding / gist:11fd14096ccd4c28a4a0
Created Mar 11, 2016
Setup GitHub for windows in Powershell profile
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. $env:UserProfile\AppData\Local\GitHub\shell.ps1
$r = ssh-agent -s
[regex]::Matches($r,"SSH_AUTH_SOCK=([^;]+);") | % { $env:SSH_AUTH_SOCK = $_.Groups[1] }
[regex]::Matches($r,"SSH_AGENT_PID=(\d+);") | % { $env:SSH_AGENT_PID = $_.Groups[1] }
ssh-add $env:UserProfile\.ssh\github_rsa
View Ukulele.fsx
# Ukulele
_This post is part of the [F# Advent Calendar in English 2015]( project._
_Check out all the other great posts there! And special thanks to Sergey Tihon for organizing this._
Hi something fun and not too technical for end the year !
As everyone knows, the [favorite instrument of Santa Claus is Ukulele]( !
So let's play some music, and especialy some Ukulele !
thinkbeforecoding / Mindstorm.fsx
Created Jun 17, 2015
Mindstorm API in F# with the lego computation expression.
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open System
open System.Threading.Tasks
open System.Text
type Opcode =
| UIRead_GetFirmware = 0x810a
| UIWrite_LED = 0x821b
| UIButton_Pressed = 0x8309
| UIDraw_Update = 0x8400
| UIDraw_Clean = 0x8401
View Async.fs
module Async
// Async extension to enable the direct use of Task<T> and Task
// in async {} blocs
open System
open System.Threading.Tasks
type Microsoft.FSharp.Control.Async with
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// This module implements AwaitTask for non generic Task
// It should be useless in F# 4 since it should be implemented in FSharp.Core
module AsyncExtensions =
open System
open System.Threading
open System.Threading.Tasks
type Microsoft.FSharp.Control.Async with
static member Raise(ex) = Async.FromContinuations(fun (_,econt,_) -> econt ex)
thinkbeforecoding / CodeHash.fs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
This creates a hash code of a F# Expr. The hash code changes when the code change
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open Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations
open Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations.Patterns
open System.Reflection
let hashList f seed = List.fold (fun h v -> h * 37 + f v) seed
let (<+) x y = x * 37 + y
let (!<) f x y = x <+ f y
let rec hashC funcs =
thinkbeforecoding / FsCluster.fs
Created May 20, 2014
EventStore cluster in a F# script !
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This gist runs a 3 in memory node EventStore cluster
and a client that send messages to the cluster
To use the web interface, copy EventStore web folders.
You can found them in the server distribution at
Then connect to http://localhost:2113/
You can view the cluster status at:
View Actors.FSharp
#r @"C:\Development\GitHub\Pigeon\src\Pigeon\bin\Release\Akka.dll"
#r @"C:\Development\GitHub\Pigeon\src\Pigeon.FSharp\bin\Release\Akka.FSharp.dll"
open Akka.FSharp
open Akka.Actor
type IO<'msg> = | Input
type Cont<'m,'v> =
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