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Python script to load any format supported by hyperspy directly into GMS 3.4+
Python script to load any format supported by hyperspy directly into GMS
Must be copied and pasted into Gatan DigitalMicrograph (aka Gatan Microscopy Suite) version 3.4+
Call by `load_img(filepath)` at the bottom of the script. Can not be called outside of GMS.
Does not automatically convert the data type to EELS or EDS
Written by Thomas Aarholt, see for newer versions
Feedback and forks are very welcome.
If the script runs forever, then this is due to a bug with numpy's FFT algorithm.
To fix, in hyperspy\_signals\, move the line
`from skimage.feature.register_translation import _upsampled_dft`
into the first line in `estimate_image_shift` in the same file.
v. 0.3: Added delete statements to ensure python objects don't stay in memory.
v. 0.4: Added explanation for when GMS python freezes due to a numpy/GMS bug.
v. 0.5: Fix bug in offset of axes manager in DM
v. 0.6: Fix wrong order of axes calibrations
v. 0.7: Add automatic recognition of EDS and EELS spectra and support for undefined units
import DigitalMicrograph as DM
import hyperspy.api as hs
from pathlib import Path
import traits
def load_img(path):
s = hs.load(path)
if type(s) is list:
for si in s:
process_signal(si, path=path)
process_signal(s, path=path)
del s
def process_signal(s, path=""):
axes = s.axes_manager._axes
# DM indexes oppositely to numpy, must transpose
# Use hyperspy transpose to avoid having to fiddle with swapping axes
s = s.T
# Create and calibrate DM file
img = DM.CreateImage( # (copy to avoid array being a view)
# If EDS or EELS, add metadata before showing so that it is recognised as that type
sigtype = s.metadata.Signal.signal_type
if "EDS" in sigtype:
imgTG = img.GetTagGroup()
imgTG.SetTagAsString( "Meta Data:Signal","X-ray")
elif "EELS" in sigtype:
imgTG = img.GetTagGroup()
imgTG.SetTagAsString( "Meta Data:Signal","EELS")
for ax in axes:
offset = ax.offset
scale = ax.scale
unit = ax.units
# blank units are a special trait that GMS can't handle
if type(unit) is traits.trait_base._Undefined:
unit = ""
index = ax.index_in_axes_manager
img.SetDimensionCalibration(index, offset, scale, unit, 0)
del s
del img
# In windows we can put the letter r in front of strings to be able to
# use backslash \ in addresses
load_img(r"C:\Users\username\Documents\test.hspy") # Replace filename here
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