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Some Keycloak client examples
import static java.util.Arrays.asList;
import org.jboss.resteasy.client.jaxrs.ResteasyClientBuilder;
import org.keycloak.admin.client.Keycloak;
import org.keycloak.admin.client.KeycloakBuilder;
import org.keycloak.representations.idm.CredentialRepresentation;
import org.keycloak.representations.idm.UserRepresentation;
public class KeycloakAdminClientExample {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
Keycloak kc = KeycloakBuilder.builder() //
.serverUrl("http://localhost:8081/auth") //
.username("rest-user-admin") //
.password("password") //
.clientId("admin-cli") //
.resteasyClient(new ResteasyClientBuilder().connectionPoolSize(10).build()) //
CredentialRepresentation credential = new CredentialRepresentation();
UserRepresentation user = new UserRepresentation();
// Create testuser
Response result = kc.realm("rest-example").users().create(user);
if (result.getStatus() != 201) {
System.err.println("Couldn't create user.");
System.out.println("Testuser created.... verify in keycloak!");
System.out.println("Press any key...");;
// Delete testuser
String locationHeader = result.getHeaderString("Location");
String userId = locationHeader.replaceAll(".*/(.*)$", "$1");
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
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harshmahey commented Sep 2, 2016

When i trying this , i am getting the error ," Could not find artifact org.keycloak:keycloak-admin-client:jar:1.8.0.CR1-SNAPSHOT -> [Help 1]
I also tried other higher version and it starts failing on resteasy.

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rockydcoder commented Mar 16, 2017

@harshmahey you should not use a SNAPSHOT version in your pom. Use a release version like 2.5.4.Final

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thomasdarimont commented Sep 27, 2017

Note that the rest-user-admin user needs to have the "manage-user" (and potentially view-clients) role for the realm-management client.

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alvaroqv commented Dec 13, 2017

@thomasdarimont thanks for this client example. Do you now how can I send email when user is created into keycloak? Keycloak should send a automatic email to the new user, right?

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alvaroqv commented Dec 13, 2017

Hi @thomasdarimont thanks, I'm using userRessource.get(userId).executeActionsEmail to send the email. I don't know if it is the best solution but it is working.

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amit-tarento commented Feb 27, 2018

Hi @thomasdarimont thanks for client example. Do you know , how to get the exact validation message in failed user creation like email already exist, or username already exist or password pattern does not match.

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maherBoudhraa commented Mar 22, 2018

Hello @thomasdarimont thanks for this client example. When i try to run it i get a HTTP 400 Bad Request can you help me ??

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chittaa commented Apr 26, 2018

I was receiving jackson error while running this sample. It got resolved when i used - <artifactId/>resteasy-jackson2-provide</artifactId>
Kc version - 3.4.3.Final

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Stalluri1 commented May 8, 2019

hey this is giving me this error - (default task-1) Uncaught server error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: interface org.keycloak.admin.client.token.TokenService is not visible from class loader
any help ?

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charStarGoulash commented May 24, 2019

Is there anyway to use the Client API not the REST ADMIN API and still be able to use a JSON config to create a new realm as we would with a POST to the RestAdminAPI?

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VenkateshGuntuk commented Jul 12, 2019

Realm Role not getting created....i think user.setRealmRole("rolename") not working

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thomasdarimont commented Jul 12, 2019

Take a look at this example:
Roles need to be set explicitly.

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canattofilipe commented Jun 12, 2020

It runs outside server ?

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