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Jekyll with Faircamp

This is not an ideal setup. What would be better is to add some faircamp features and templates to jekyll and/or add more jekyll sorts of features like arbitrary pages and blogging to faircamp. Preferrably both so that people can have options. I'd be willing to assist with either as I'm familiar with both ruby and rust. I also have a separate music social media thing I'm working on. Anyway, I digress! Here is the basic, crude way I made jekyll and faircamp sorta work together so that I can have extra pages but use faircamp's generated output as the main template in jekyll for other pages.

Firstly, faircamp's output uses relative paths. That's a simple, logical way to make the generated output

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Last active August 29, 2016 06:19
Transferring linux from one hd to another

I did this to transfer an OpenSuSE (Leap 42.1) system but should basically work for others. Partly going off the instructions here but deliberately not modifying the drives' uuid because I disagree with that approach (you might want to continue using the old drive for something else for one thing).

Boot into rescue system/live cd with current/old disk and new one both in the system. I create a directory for the old system and mount whatever partition looks like the right one to it.

mkdir old
mount /dev/sdc2 old

Coding Style for C++

Just reminders mostly for myself and only for C++ (not C, not C#, not javascript, just C++). Work in progress.

The first rule is if you're mostly based on a third-party lib, using their build tools, mostly using their objects, especially if you're using their stuff to generate code, then use their style and forget these rules (except where there is ambiguity). If you really hate their style then don't and make auto-translaters, wrappers, etc. The important thing is to be consistent within the project and with respect to the industry at hand (except when the industry has godawful norms that need to be changed).


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Created May 5, 2016 05:17
My FreeBSD Proxy Server Setup (mpd5 & pf)

Replace all caps stuff


    load pptp_server

Define dynamic IP address pool.

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Created April 25, 2016 18:22
Gender Neutral Facilities Aren’t on the Table, but They Should Be

Gender Neutral Facilities Aren’t on the Table, but They Should Be

In a clever inversion reminiscent of how the pro-H8 campaign ran as a no campaign, professional transphobes have laundered their unprecedented anti-trans legislation as a protection of the status quo, painting their opponents as degenerates bent on bringing us gender-neutral bathrooms and other facilities. Even neutral and trans-sympathetic articles are misleadingly running with an image of a gender-neutral bathroom sign.

It’s important to fight the misinformation. It plays into the general lie that conservatives only ever go on the defense against societal changes and never go on the attack. It’s important that people get that trans people are being harassed in ways they weren’t in the past at the same time as making gains