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My FreeBSD Proxy Server Setup (mpd5 & pf)

Replace all caps stuff


    load pptp_server
# Define dynamic IP address pool.
    set ippool add pool1
# Create clonable bundle template named B
    create bundle template B
    set iface enable proxy-arp
    set iface route default
    set iface idle 1800
    set iface enable tcpmssfix
    set ipcp yes vjcomp
# Specify IP address pool for dynamic assigment.
    set ipcp ranges ippool pool1
    set ipcp dns DNS_ADDRESS
# The five lines below enable Microsoft Point-to-Point encryption
# (MPPE) using the ng_mppc(8) netgraph node type.
    set bundle enable compression
    set ccp yes mppc
    set mppc yes e40
    set mppc yes e128
    set mppc yes stateless

# Create clonable link template named L
    create link template L pptp
# Set bundle template to use
    set link action bundle B
# Multilink adds some overhead, but gives full 1500 MTU.
    set link enable multilink
    set link yes acfcomp protocomp
    set link no pap chap eap
    set link enable chap
# We can use use RADIUS authentication/accounting by including
# another config section with label 'radius'.
#       load radius
      set link keep-alive 10 60
# We reducing link mtu to avoid GRE packet fragmentation.
      set link mtu 1460
# Configure PPTP
      set pptp self
# Allow to accept calls
      set link enable incoming


mpd_flags="-b -s mpd5"

/etc/pf.conf (replace em0 with your network interface)



nat on $ext_if from $internal_net to any -> $external_addr

pass in all
pass out all
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