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Tim Dang timdang

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View Disable Device Enrollment Notification on

Disable Device Enrollment Notification on MacOS Catalina

Restart the Mac in Recovery Mode by holding Command-R during restart

Open Terminal in the recovery screen and type:

csrutil disable

Restart Computer Normally

View .bash_profile
export PATH=/usr/local/bin/git_tf:~/.cargo/bin:$PATH
# attempt to limit bash history
export HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth:erasedups
shopt -s histappend
export PROMPT_COMMAND="history -a"
# export PS1="\w $ "
export GOPATH=/Users/timothy/Code/Go
cd ~/TFS/


From South Jersey. Philadelphia Fan.

  • Law - Not fun. Coding is fun.
  • About a year of programing history. Learned Ruby and on Rails.
  • Married for 2 1/2 Years.

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