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borg history

New command borg history --manifest will list out all segment entries that are PUTs of an all-zeroes key, along with their decrypted values.

If a repo has been maintained strictly in an append-only manner, and no deletions attempted by an adversary with append-only access, then this will provide a listing of all archives that were ever created. If such an adversary attempts to delete an archive, they'll have to add a

timmc / essentially.clj
Last active Jun 23, 2020
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(defmacro essentially
"Like letfn, but with the bindings at the end. Connotes that the
bindings are not important for the core logic, just for logging,
metrics, debugging etc. Recommend using footnote-looking bindings such
as *0, *1, *2 or even Unicode daggers if you are super-brave.
This is like Haskell's `where`. Thanks to amalloy for the pointer; no
blame attaches to him, though."
[& args]
`(letfn ~(last args)
~@(butlast args)))
timmc / gist:4a4711c15ff87b2735f2c74bc1efba4a
Last active Mar 16, 2020
Download all CDC MMWR for 2017
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for i in {01..42}; do curl -sS "${i}.pdf" > "66_${i}.pdf" & done
for i in {43..50}; do curl -sS "${i}-H.pdf" > "66_${i}.pdf" & done
curl -sS "" > "66_51_52.pdf"
Text extraction:
for x in ./*; do pdftotext $x $x.txt; done
# Call a script in a tight loop from multiple processes.
# Run as `$0 master <#seconds> <#children> script-and-args...`.
# seconds and children control run length and concurrency
# Modes:
# master <seconds> <children>: Fork and run n child processes for m seconds
# child: Call on tight loop, indefinitely
# test: Call just once
cd ~/sync/
function remove_timestamps {
grep -v -Pe '^\+#[0-9]+$' -
function baseline_no_ts {
git show HEAD:home/.bash_history | remove_timestamps
# Generates a TOTP code and copies it to the clipboard.
# Accepts path to a GPG-encrypted TOTP secret key file.
# Usage: $0 <encrypted-secrets-file>
# Encrypt a secret like this: xsel -bo | gpg2 --encrypt --recipient 0x32D0F478 > ~/.2fa/aws.gpg
set -eu -o pipefail
timmc / sync-setter.kt
Created Nov 7, 2019
A synchronized setter with side-effects in Kotlin (probably a bad idea!)
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private var writeLock = Object()
* The canonical version of config that is on disk, barring any sneaky
* writes; setting this property causes a disk write.
var config: Config = repo.config.readJson()
set(newConfig) {
synchronized(writeLock) {
timmc /
Last active Nov 17, 2021
Building a sqlite DB for the Pwned Passwords data
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Build a SQLite3 DB for looking up SHA-1 hashes of leaked passwords.
# This can be fed the txt file from one of Have I Been Pwned's hash
# lists available from -- but any
# text file with line format ``hash-hex:count`` will work.
# When run on the v5 hash-ordered SHA-1 file, expect the build to take
# about 35 minutes and produce a 15.7 GiB file (~30.5 bytes per record).
timmc / output-2-10.tsv
Created Jun 5, 2019
Uptime output for in/out hysteresis healthcheck
View output-2-10.tsv
0.00 1.00000
0.01 0.99937
0.02 0.99507
0.03 0.98962
0.04 0.98327
0.05 0.96881
0.06 0.95235
0.07 0.94017
0.08 0.91365
0.09 0.88673
timmc / elb-hysteresis-2-10.svg
Last active Jun 5, 2019
Simulating ELB-style hysteresis for a host that exhibits random failures for both the healthcheck and regular requests
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