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Tim McCormack timmc

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timmc / gist:1c3fa7504f8abba5f7855e2acee83e5f
Last active Apr 5, 2017
Remove LJ user agreement modal - Adblock Plus filter list
View gist:1c3fa7504f8abba5f7855e2acee83e5f
[Adblock Plus 1.1]
! Remove LJ user agreement modal
! Expires: 2 days (update frequency)
! Moved to
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freenode/#clojure on 2014-04-21:
amalloy sets 5 to be 2 using reflection, probably in PM with clojurebot:
(let [field (nth (.getDeclaredFields Long) 3)] (.setAccessible field true) (.set field 5 2))
19:10 < amalloy> justin_smith: i think ''lovecraft should contain (alter-var-root #'defmacro (constantly (fn [& args] `(quote ~(rand-nth '#{various lovecraftian horrors|)))))
19:11 < justin_smith> ouch
19:11 < amalloy> or something like it, anyawy
19:11 < justin_smith> yeah
# Create and sign a JWT token with ES256 given the path to an ECDSA
# private key and a JSON payload.
# $0 path/to/keypair.der '{"JSON": "payload"}'
# Example keypair creation:
# openssl ecparam -name prime256v1 -genkey -noout -outform DER > example-keypair.der
# A few tips for generating the payload:
# - Pipe raw strings through `jq --raw-input .` to encode them as
timmc /
Last active Jan 20, 2017
bisect and lein template
lein clean
lein trampoline compile || {
echo "Build failed."
exit 125
timmc / o-sc-reduce.clj
Last active Dec 19, 2016
Short-circuiting reduce with RxJava
View o-sc-reduce.clj
(require '[rx.lang.clojure.core :as rx])
(defn o-sc-reduce
"Perform a short-circuiting reduce on a series of Observables.
Reduces the series of Observables using the reduction function `f`,
starting the accumulator with `init`. Inputs to the reduction are
provided by subscribing to the input Observables serially, similar to
concat. If at any point (including the initial value) the accumulator
satisfies `final?`, emit the accumulator, complete, and do not

Port-forwarding JMX

Proof of concept:

  • Terminal 1:
    • SSH to remote host
    • Start a Java process with JMX registry port 50004, RMI callback port 50005, and RMI hostname pinned to localhost: java -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=localhost -cp /some/jar/file main.class
  • Terminal 2:
View gist:cbf503895f08dc39f3bc471aaa5e068a
Have the following been addressed in the branch, if appropriate?
- Tests (unit, API, integration)
- Docs (both in source and in docs directory, and in public docs if separate)
- Changelog
- Compatibility with previous versions (calls, shared files or DBs, data formats -- backward and forward compatibility)
- Rollback friendly?
- Feature switches?
View java-count-type-chars.clj
"Count the amount of space taken up by types in Java code. Problems:
- Not actually a parser! Counts contents of comments!
- Willovercount in code that is heavy in STATIC_FIELDS
- Doesn't capture generics, arrays, and other non-alphabetic type
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.string :as str])
timmc / Deleting reddit comments.js
Last active Aug 6, 2016
Script to delete all reddit comments on the *current page* when viewing own comment history. Quick and dirty approach if you don't have more than a few hundred comments.
View Deleting reddit comments.js
function deleteAllOnPage(comments, index) {
var id = comments[index]
if (!id) return
console.debug('wiping ' + id)
type: 'POST',
url: '/api/editusertext',
data: {
thing_id: id,
View service name generator.clj
;; I needed some lorem ipsum names for a graph of microservices...
user=> (def words (set (clojure.string/split-lines (slurp "/usr/share/dict/words"))))
user=> (keep #(words (str % (last %) "er")) words)
("skipper" "stopper" "bragger" "glummer" "mapper" "tranquiller" "banner" "nipper" "clapper" "rubber" "chipper" "eavesdropper" "robber" "scatter" "madder" "canvasser" "supper" "carpetbagger" "beginner" "cheerfuller" "glibber" "snapper" "trimmer" "fitter" "pettifogger" "blotter" "patter" "transmitter" "plummer" "adder" "offer" "carefuller" "primmer" "cropper" "upper" "woodcutter" "shimmer" "bitter" "spotter" "potter" "tipper" "spitefuller" "putter" "clipper" "eviller" "drabber" "cotter" "mugger" "jabber" "traveller" "jobber" "gunner" "summer" "better" "shutter" "miller" "chatter" "hotter" "slammer" "chiseller" "jogger" "flatter" "pepper" "loyaller" "matter" "stirrer" "hopper" "runner" "hipper" "flipper" "funner" "dunner" "Donner" "ripper" "totter" "logger" "wrapper" "swimmer" "dipper" "mummer" "h
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