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rafaelveloso / plv8-javascript-modules-loading.sql
Last active December 6, 2019 14:21
How to load Javascript modules into postgres using plv8
How to load Javascript modules into postgres
First step is download the Javascript module file
Example with undescore-min and node-jpath
samwize / mocha-guide-to-testing.js
Created February 8, 2014 05:53
Explain Mocha's testing framework - describe(), it() and before()/etc hooks
// # Mocha Guide to Testing
// Objective is to explain describe(), it(), and before()/etc hooks
// 1. `describe()` is merely for grouping, which you can nest as deep
// 2. `it()` is a test case
// 3. `before()`, `beforeEach()`, `after()`, `afterEach()` are hooks to run
// before/after first/each it() or describe().
// Which means, `before()` is run before first it()/describe()
gnomeontherun / angularjs-interceptor.js
Last active November 4, 2020 06:46
Intercept XHR/Ajax requests with AngularJS http interceptors. This allows you to globally intercept and modify requests and responses. You don't need to declare all of the methods, just the ones you need. Some example uses would be logging errors, adding extra headers, or triggering 'loading' screens. This intercepts ALL requests/responses, so y…
// Intercepting HTTP calls with AngularJS.
angular.module('MyApp', [])
.config(function ($provide, $httpProvider) {
// Intercept http calls.
$provide.factory('MyHttpInterceptor', function ($q) {
return {
// On request success
request: function (config) {
// console.log(config); // Contains the data about the request before it is sent.
ryandotsmith / agg.sql
Created January 23, 2013 05:19
Postgres array concatenation aggregate function.
CREATE AGGREGATE array_accum (anyarray)
sfunc = array_cat,
stype = anyarray,
initcond = '{}'