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Front end frameworks popularity (React, Vue and Angular)

Original Reddit discussion:

The only chart that shows Vue outperforming others is GitHub stars (1). All the others charts show the opposite.


NPM downloads

NPM packages depending on

GitHub topics

Reddit metrics

Stack Overflow trends

Google trends


Developer Tools



(could not find hashtags trends)

Hacker News Hiring Trends


(could not find worldwide charts) 2018 survey (20,268 developers)

  • React satisfaction: 90.60% 100-(100/(13062+1355)*1355) for 14,417 users
  • Vue satisfaction: 91.15% 100-(100/(5810+564)*564) for 6,374 users
  • Angular (AngularJS + Angular 2+?) satisfaction: 41.37% 100-(100/(4817+6826)*6826) for 11,643 users

Stack Overflow 2018 survey (+100,000 developers)

JetBrains survey

SimilarTech: market share & web usage statistics JavaScript Library Detection


If someone has other charts, please share.


Some dates


Why Vue has so many GitHub stars?

Vue is popular and highly regarded (91.15% satisfaction). But why Vue GitHub stars don't follow the other trends (NPM downloads, NPM dependencies, GitHub topics, Reddit, Stack Overflow, Google, YouTube...)?

What about Vue ecosystem? Does it get also a lot of GitHub stars?

  • A router is one of the first piece of a SPA, let's look at vue-router (the official router for Vue) vs react-router (the de facto router for React)

  • react-devtools vs vue-devtools

  • vs

  • redux vs mobx vs vuex

  • create-react-app vs vue-cli




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NetOperatorWibby commented Mar 7, 2019



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MunozAr commented Mar 12, 2019

Good information .. I had been coding with vueJS for 6 month and 4 months with React but I prefer code with React cause it designed for bigger apps.


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aceinthedeck commented Apr 28, 2019

Great analysis


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kostia7alania commented May 20, 2019

its Old data! VUE #1 !!!!!!!!!!! EVER!


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naster01 commented May 30, 2019

Make it a repo for everyone to update the chart ;)


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weloper commented Nov 15, 2019

its Old data! VUE #1 !!!!!!!!!!! EVER!
I am a huge fan of VUE!

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