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geoder101 / .gitignore
Last active September 2, 2021 13:00
gitignore for F# projects
# Originally created by,linux,visualstudio,visualstudiocode,osx,xamarinstudio,f#,monodevelop,vim,emacs,node,bower on 2016-03-19
# Last updated: 2016-03-20
### Windows ###
# Windows image file caches
# Folder config file
tkshill / Tests.elm
Last active November 8, 2020 19:52
An Elm implementation of the challenge "Word Count" using Elm-Parser
module Tests exposing (tests)
import Dict
import Expect
import Test exposing (..)
import WordCount exposing (wordCount)
tests : Test
tests =
tkshill /
Last active November 17, 2020 21:25
The Lone(ly) Coder
At my job I code alone.
I have always coded alone.
Until now.
Now I code with friends.
Now I code with family.
I will never code alone again.
- An Ode to Open Source
rosalogia / problem_set_generator.fsx
Created February 23, 2021 04:02
Short F# script to generate problem sets of a specified size containing problems from multiple sections of a textbook
#r "nuget: FSharp.Json"
open FSharp.Json
open System.IO
type SubSection =
{ Name: string
; Weight: float
; ProblemRange: int * int }
type Section =