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adtac / Dockerfile
Last active April 13, 2024 22:33
#!/usr/bin/env docker run
#!/usr/bin/env -S bash -c "docker run -p 8080:8080 -it --rm \$(docker build --progress plain -f \$0 . 2>&1 | tee /dev/stderr | grep -oP 'sha256:[0-9a-f]*')"
# syntax = docker/dockerfile:1.4.0
FROM node:20
RUN npm install sqlite3
rain-1 / GPT-4 Reverse Turing
Last active April 16, 2024 23:19
GPT-4 Reverse Turing Test

The reverse turing test

I asked GPT-4 to come up with 10 questions to determine if the answerer was AI or human.

I provided my own answers for these questions and I also asked ChatGPT to answer them.

The result is that GPT-4 was able to correctly differentiate between AI and Human.


For a long time I've been really impacted by the ease of use Cassandra and CockroachDB bring to operating a data store at scale. While these systems have very different tradeoffs what they have in common is how easy it is to deploy and operate a cluster. I have experience with them with cluster sizes in the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of nodes and in comparison to some other clustered technologies they get you far pretty fast. They have sane defaults that provide scale and high availability to people that wouldn't always understand how to achieve it with more complex systems. People can get pretty far before they have to become experts. When you start needing more extreme usage you will need to become an expert of the system just like any other piece of infrastructure. But what I really love about these systems is it makes geo-aware data placement, GDPR concerns potentially simplified and data replication and movement a breeze most of the time.

Several years ago the great [Andy Gross](ht

typeswitch-dev / daiyon.c
Last active October 12, 2023 23:25
第四 (Daiyon) — a Japanese & Forth inspired postfix language
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <assert.h>
FILE *in; long M[1<<24]={0}, *D, *R, H=0x130000, IP=0, T;
long getu() { long t, h = getc(in); if (h < 0xC0) return h;
t = ((h&0x1F) << 6) | (getc(in) & 0x3F); if (h < 0xE0) return t;
t = ( t << 6) | (getc(in) & 0x3F); if (h < 0xF0) return t;
t = ( t << 6) | (getc(in) & 0x3F); return t & 0x1FFFFF; }
void putu(long c) { if (c < 0x80) { putchar(c); return; }
if (c < 0x7FF) { putchar(0xC0|(c>>6)); } else {
chrispsn /
Last active February 9, 2024 02:45


This is the story of what happened when I went down a rabbit hole.

It starts with k7. If you press Ctrl-] in the k7 WASM console, this appears:


That's a prime number filter. There are faster ones -'s x,1_&&/80#'!:'x is beautiful - but this one is really short.

akihikodaki /
Last active April 20, 2024 02:43
Linux Desktop on Apple Silicon in Practice

Linux Desktop on Apple Silicon in Practice

I bought M1 MacBook Air. It is the fastest computer I have, and I have been a GNOME/GNU/Linux user for long time. It is obvious conclusion that I need practical Linux desktop environment on Apple Silicon.

Fortunately, Linux already works on Apple Silicon/M1. But how practical is it?

  • Two native ports exist.
palewire /
Last active January 19, 2023 21:48
A command-line interface for running Jupyter Notebooks.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
A command-line interface for running Jupyter Notebooks.
Executes Jupyter Notebooks from the command line.
Expects one or more file paths input as arguments.
PARC6502 /
Last active April 20, 2024 15:54
List of open source, self hosted BaaS - Backend as a service

Backend as a Service

Supabase - ~52K stars

  • Designed explicitly as an open source firebase alternative
  • Typescript based
  • Docker support

Appwrite - ~32K stars

  • Written in JavaScript and PHP
  • Docker based
  • Realtime support across all services
tpogden /
Last active February 7, 2023 14:02
Run a Set of Jupyter Notebooks from the Command Line
# ! python
# coding: utf-8
import os
import argparse
import glob
import nbformat
from nbconvert.preprocessors import ExecutePreprocessor
from nbconvert.preprocessors.execute import CellExecutionError

Meltdown fix impact on Redis performances in virtualized environments

UPDATE: apparently kernel difference may have a serious impact, so I'll redo the test from scratch.

Test performed with AOF enabled, fsync policy 1 second, allowing the rewrites to be triggered.

Command lines used: