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Created August 1, 2012 17:34
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Archive Gists
import requests, os, glob, json, codecs
# requires requests. pip install requests
you = 'tmcw'
data = 'gists'
try: os.mkdir(data)
except Exception: pass
def run(page = 1):
print 'on page %s' % page
already = glob.glob("%s/*.json" % data)
start = '' % you
if page:
start = '%s?page=%s' % (start, page)
r = requests.get(start)
has_new = False
for t in r.json:
if ("%s/%s.json" % (data, t['id'])) not in already:
print 'downloading %s' % t['id']
json.dump(t, open('%s/%s.json' % (data, t['id']), 'w'))
for f, v in t['files'].items():
fi = requests.get(v['raw_url'])
print 'downloading %s/%s_%s' % (data, t['id'], f.encode('ascii', 'ignore'))'%s/%s_%s' % (data, t['id'], v['filename']), 'w').write(fi.text.encode('utf-8'))
has_new = True
print '%s already stored' % t['id']
if has_new and 'next' in r.headers['Link']:
run(page + 1)
print 'starting gist archive of @%s' % you
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