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Created April 1, 2017 16:01
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Where I'm at with Open Source Projects


  • I'm planning on spending much more time on documentation.js, to get it up to its stated mission and to nurture a larger community.
  • I'll also spend time on simple-statistics and the projects within my tmcw account.


I've abandoned my maintainer statuses and privileges at mapbox, Turfjs, osmlab, tilemill-project, and openstreetmap.

  • Bryan Housel is the new owner of the osmlab organization and the openstreetmap/iD project
  • mapbox projects will be maintained by the company. This includes projects like and toGeoJSON.
  • Turfjs will continue to be managed by Tim Channel, Morgan Herlocker, and increasingly Denis Carriere.
  • tilemill-project is now owned by Darafei Praliaskouski.
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