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enum TaskState {
type Task {
id: ID!
title: String!
state: TaskState!
# These two are optional for now
subtitle: String
url: String
# We'll use floats for dates for now, we could use a custom scalar
updatedAt: Float!
type User {
id: ID!
email: String!
hasGitHubToken: Boolean!
hasTrelloToken: Boolean!
tasks(state: TaskState): [Task!]!
type Query {
me: User
input CreateUserInput {
email: String!
password: String!
input UpdateTaskInput {
state: TaskState!
type Mutation {
createUser(input: CreateUserInput!): User
addServiceToken(serviceName: String!, token: String!): User
updateTask(id: ID!, input: UpdateTaskInput!): Task
schema {
query: Query
mutation: Mutation

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@c316 c316 commented Apr 6, 2017

I see you've added the input to this code snippet, you might also want to add this to your blog post. Thanks

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