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Thomas Buckley-Houston tombh

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tombh / gist:5519b4a0d17d78a9fef7
Created Jun 4, 2014
Docker-api rspec errors after bumping API_VERSION to 0.11
View gist:5519b4a0d17d78a9fef7
1) Docker::Container#changes returns the changes as an array
Failure/Error: ]
expected: [{"Path"=>"/dev", "Kind"=>0}, {"Path"=>"/dev/kmsg", "Kind"=>0}, {"Path"=>"/root", "Kind"=>2}]
got: [{"Kind"=>2, "Path"=>"/root"}] (using ==)
@@ -1,4 +1,2 @@
-[{"Path"=>"/dev", "Kind"=>0},
- {"Path"=>"/dev/kmsg", "Kind"=>0},
- {"Path"=>"/root", "Kind"=>2}]
+[{"Kind"=>2, "Path"=>"/root"}]
tombh / gist:ffa163e8c05beb3c8317
Created Jun 12, 2014
Rspec exception getting caught by async method
View gist:ffa163e8c05beb3c8317
require 'celluloid'
# It wasn't until I commented out this line that I realised what was actually going on below
# Celluloid.logger = nil
class Foo
include Celluloid
def do
View gist:60c8a4e463d22a06d326
desc 'Add, remove and list config for an app'
command :config do |c|
c.desc 'Delete config by keys'
c.command :rm do |sc|
sc.action do |global_options, options, args|
@api.request :delete, "/app/#{Git.first_sha}/config", {
keys: args.to_json
View gist:317b8168a65d97a88f83
$chocolates = ['maltesers', 'minstrels', 'green & blacks', 'montezuma'];
$we_ate = array_slice($chocolates, 0, 2);
// Outputs: ['maltesers', 'minstrels']
View gist:9466ba47bed9555328d4
chocolates = ['maltesers', 'minstrels', 'green & blacks', 'montezuma']
we_ate = chocolates[0..1]
# Outputs: ['maltesers', 'minstrels']
tombh / gist:b45e86788620435adc5a
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Use .env file to filter sensitive data from VCR cassettes
View gist:b45e86788620435adc5a
# Assuming that you're using .env to store your sensitive app credentials, then you can
# use VCR's `filter_sensitive_data` method to convert occurrences of those credentials
# to `<%= ENV['#{key}'] %>` in your recorded VCR cassettes.
require 'vcr'
# Use the .env file to compile the list of sensitive data that should not be recorded in
# cassettes
def sensitive_strings
contents = "#{Rails.root}/.env"
View gist:40cde96a4e67b3d754bf
task calculate_per_location_costs: :environment do
year = ENV['YEAR'].to_i
month = ENV['MONTH'].to_i
# Method 1: By server usage
# Get all servers that were created in the given month
servers_by_location = Server.with_deleted
.where('extract(year from created_at) = ?', year)
.where('extract(month from created_at) = ?', month)
# for Rackup + Wordpress, based on
# added hackery to work around wordpress issues - Patrick Anderson (
# clearly this could be cleaner, but it does work
# And more hackery by @twombh to work in Linux environment
require 'rack'
require 'rack-legacy'
require 'rack-rewrite'
# patch Php from rack-legacy to substitute the original request so
tombh / boss_search.rb
Created Aug 16, 2012 — forked from erikeldridge/example.rb
A utility for signing an url using OAuth in a way that's convenient for debugging
View boss_search.rb
# This whole thing is horrible.
# Firstly Yahoo's website, docs and UI are terrible.
# Second, OAuth!? For a simple search API, WTF!?
# Thirdly, this code is bodged together, undocumented and didn't work with queries that needed URI escaping (but does now)
require 'net/http'
# A utility for signing an url using OAuth in a way that's convenient for debugging
View vagrant-snapshot.rb
# Place this file in the same directory as `Vagrantfile'
# then simply require "vagrant-snapshot.rb" at the top of Vagrantfile.
require 'optparse'
Vagrant.commands.register(:snap) { Snap::Commands }
# Provide rake-like desc() 'inflected' documentation
# See
class Module
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