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Sequence: Sorty, Presley and Omeka
title Sorty, Presley and Omeka
participant User
participant Sorty
participant Presley
participant Omeka
note over User, Sorty
Sorty instance is configured with module for selecting
appropiate source manifests for the project. In IDA case,
a module that pulls in the list of prepared reels.
end note
User->Sorty: load SOURCE manifest
note right of Sorty
Now we need the URI (@id) of a collection that
lists all the Sorty-created manifests for the
give SOURCE manifest. This collection might not
already exist.
end note
note over Sorty,Presley: pluggable naming strategy for collection
alt auto collection naming
Sorty->Sorty: compute collection\n@id for source
else manual collection naming
Sorty->Sorty: ask user (via UI) for\ncollection @id - browse, type...
Sorty->Presley: HTTP GET collection @id
Sorty->Sorty: Populate navigation for existing manifests
User->Sorty: Select existing manifest
Sorty->Presley: HTTP GET manifest @id
Note right of User
Now the user starts to make new manifests
end note
loop make new manifests
User->Sorty: Mark new manifest
Sorty->Sorty: Mint canvas IDs and make canvas map
Sorty->Presley: HTTP PUT new manifest @id
Sorty->Presley: HTTP POST manifest stub to collection @id
Note right of User
After making a few manifests, the user is ready
to push one to Omeka
end note
User->Sorty: Export
Sorty->Omeka: Call Import Manifest in module
Omeka->Omeka: Import external IIIF resource
Sorty->Sorty: Update custom service block with additional info
Sorty->Presley: HTTP PUT exprted manifest @id
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