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maxivak /
Last active Jul 18, 2021
Sending emails with ActionMailer and Sidekiq

Sending emails with ActionMailer and Sidekiq

Send email asynchroniously using Sidekiq.


Create your mailer us usual:

marty-wang / gist:5a71e9d0a6a2c6d6263c
Last active Jul 21, 2021
Compile and deploy React Native Android app of Release version to device.
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Disclaimer: The instructions are the collective efforts from a few places online.
Nothing here is my original. But I want to put them together in one place to save people from spending the same time as I did.
First off, bundle.
1. cd to the project directory
2. Start the react-native packager if not started
3. Download the bundle to the asset folder:
curl "http://localhost:8081/" -o "android/app/src/main/assets/"
crucialfelix / styles.less
Created Oct 27, 2014
Highlight active pane, active tab in
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// active pane
.pane {
.gutter, {
opacity: 0.4;
} {
.gutter {
opacity: 1;
speric /
Last active Sep 9, 2021
Notes From "Practical Object-Oriented Design In Ruby" by Sandi Metz

Chapter 1 - Object Oriented Design

The purpose of design is to allow you to do design later, and it's primary goal is to reduce the cost of change.

SOLID Design:

  • Single Responsibility Principle: a class should have only a single responsibility
  • Open-Closed Principle: Software entities should be open for extension, but closed for modification (inherit instead of modifying existing classes).
  • Liskov Substitution: Objects in a program should be replaceable with instances of their subtypes without altering the correctness of that program.
  • Interface Segregation: Many client-specific interfaces are better than one general-purpose interface.
phette23 /
Last active Sep 24, 2021
Set the iTerm tab title to the current directory, not full path.
# put this in your .bash_profile
if [ $ITERM_SESSION_ID ]; then
export PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033];${PWD##*/}\007"; ':"$PROMPT_COMMAND";
# Piece-by-Piece Explanation:
# the if condition makes sure we only screw with $PROMPT_COMMAND if we're in an iTerm environment
# iTerm happens to give each session a unique $ITERM_SESSION_ID we can use, $ITERM_PROFILE is an option too
# the $PROMPT_COMMAND environment variable is executed every time a command is run
# see:
malandrina / gist:3744867
Created Sep 18, 2012
Implementing a Reverse Polish Notation Calculator in Ruby
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Implementing a Reverse Polish notation calculator in Ruby

A couple weeks ago I had a go at implementing an RPN calculator in Ruby. I knew I wanted the calculator to function by popping operands out of an array populated with the values of the input expression, operating upon the operands with the appropriate operator, and pushing the result back into the stack of operands.

I was able to implement this in version 1, but it took forever and the resulting code was not very beautiful. Why?

  • I started coding before I had a thorough understanding of RPN

    Wait, 20 10 5 4 + * - is what now?

nazgob / ctags.setup
Created Jan 6, 2012
ctags setup on mac
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# you have ctags but it does not work...
$ ctags -R --exclude=.git --exclude=log *
ctags: illegal option -- R
usage: ctags [-BFadtuwvx] [-f tagsfile] file ...
#you need to get new ctags, i recommend homebrew but anything will work
$ brew install ctags
#alias ctags if you used homebrew
$ alias ctags="`brew --prefix`/bin/ctags"
bsodmike / gist:1369419
Created Nov 16, 2011
Subdomain Routing with Rails 3.1
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Implement Routing for Subdomains

Rails 3.0 introduced support for routing constrained by subdomains.

A subdomain can be specified explicitly, like this:

match '/' => 'home#index', :constraints => { :subdomain => 'www' } 
artero / launch_sublime_from_terminal.markdown
Last active Aug 19, 2021 — forked from olivierlacan/launch_sublime_from_terminal.markdown
Launch Sublime Text 2 from the Mac OS X Terminal
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Launch Sublime Text 2 from the Mac OS X Terminal

Sublime Text 2 ships with a CLI called subl (why not "sublime", go figure). This utility is hidden in the following folder (assuming you installed Sublime in /Applications like normal folk. If this following line opens Sublime Text for you, then bingo, you're ready.

open /Applications/Sublime\ Text\

You can find more (official) details about subl here:


andyfowler / .vimrc
Created Sep 5, 2011
Swap iTerm2 cursors in vim insert mode when using tmux
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" tmux will only forward escape sequences to the terminal if surrounded by a DCS sequence
if exists('$TMUX')
let &t_SI = "\<Esc>Ptmux;\<Esc>\<Esc>]50;CursorShape=1\x7\<Esc>\\"
let &t_EI = "\<Esc>Ptmux;\<Esc>\<Esc>]50;CursorShape=0\x7\<Esc>\\"
let &t_SI = "\<Esc>]50;CursorShape=1\x7"
let &t_EI = "\<Esc>]50;CursorShape=0\x7"