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tong / Haxe.sublime-syntax
Last active Aug 31, 2018
Haxe sublime syntax files (converted from tmLanguage) ! Moved →
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%YAML 1.2
name: Haxe
- hx
- hxsl
- hscript
scope: source.haxe.2
tong /
Last active Jul 25, 2018
Haxelib plugin for the terminator terminal emulator
#!/usr/bin/env python2
# Terminator haxelib url handler
import re
import terminatorlib.plugin as plugin
AVAILABLE = ['HaxelibURLHandler']
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└─ [target] [buildtime] : [runtime]
OS: Arch Linux x86_64
Kernel: 4.17.2-1-ARCH
tong / panzer-religion.txt
Last active Jun 28, 2018
The religion centering on Roland "Schoko" Panzer
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The religion centering on roland "schoko" panzer arose in the late 1980s, when Vienna was known as the New ibiza, although there was a claim in 1999 that it had already started in the 1910s.[1]
The movement was heavily influenced by existing religious practice in the squat party area of Vienna, particularly the worship of Kore, a goddess associated with distorted kickdrums and hyperkinetic breaks.[3]
In some versions of the story, a native man named Manuel Horvath, using the alias "roland panzer", began appearing among the native people of vienna dressed in a Western-style coat and assuring the people he would bring them eternal bass, some high pitched mickey-mouse style vocals, mutilated snares and terrorizing claps.[1][4]
Others contend that roland "schoko" panzer was a trance-induced spirit vision.[5]
Said to be a manifestation of grandmaster flash, he promised the dawn of a new age in which all white people, including missionaries, would depart the vienna underground, leaving behind their goods and proper
tong / archillect-words.txt
Last active Mar 28, 2018
Archillect Classification Words
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window screen
window shade
fire screen
microwave oven
tong / in_the_province_of_the_mind.txt
Last active Mar 18, 2017
In the province of the mind
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In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true either is true or becomes true within certain limits, to be found experientially and experimentally.
These limits are beliefs to be transcended.
Hidden from one's self is a covert set of beliefs that control one's thinking, one's actions, and one's feeling.
The covert set of hidden beliefs is the limiting set of beliefs to be transcended.
To transcend one's limiting set, one establishes an open ended set of beliefs about the unknown.
The unknown exists in one's goals for changing one's self, in the means for changing, in the use of others for the change, in one's capacity to change, in one's orientation towards change, in one's elimination of hindrances to change, in one's assimilation of the aids to change, in one's use of the impulse to change, in one's need for changing, in the possibilities of change, in the form of change itself, and in the substance of change and of changing.
The unknown exists in one's goals for changing one's self, in the
tong / into_the_void.txt
Last active Mar 20, 2017
Into The Void
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Over the course of evolution, the human ego has developed and grown to allow us to survive within the impersonal environments of unrelenting Nature. Once a useful and necessary tool by which we could separate ourselves from the herd around us, this irrational concept now threatens to destroy humanity.
It creates a sense of Self. It allows us to say "this is me", and in today's culture, extends so far as to include "this is what I believe... This is what I expect... This is what I demand". Our very identity as human beings, belonging to a race of biologically-similar creatures, hinges upon the premise, and rests squarely within the bounds of what we - as a democratic collective - have decided constitutes a person, or a single individual in our modern world. We are all equal, but only because we have an ego structure which screams to be heard and recognised.
It is a liar; for some, it inflates their sense of self beyond reason and to the contempt of others. For the rest, it lies again and limits their true ab

Liposomal Vitamin-C


  • Scale
  • Blender
  • Ultrasound cleaning device
  • Spoon (wooden|plastic|glas)
  • Mason jar for storage
tong / fractal
Last active Jun 8, 2016
ASCII art collection
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\ /
__/\__/ \__/\__
\ /
/__ __\
\ /
__/\__ __/ \__ __/\__
\ / \ / \ /
tong / TheTrap.hx
Created Jun 6, 2016
іŁ'Ϟ Д ͳƦΛǷ!
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package om.format.emoji;
іŁ'Ϟ Д ͳƦΛǷ!
class TheTrap {
public static var MAP : haxe.ds.StringMap<Array<String>> = [
"a" => ["\u0040", "\u0104", "\u023a", "\u0245", "\u0394", "\u039b", "\u0414"],
"b" => ["\u00df", "\u0181", "\u0243", "\u026e", "\u03b2", "\u0e3f"],
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