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Scalaz hangout 20160529
  • How to denote identity structure

    • Have both
    • case class Identity[A](a: A)
    • type Id[X] = X
      • To use in certain circumstances (but not in transformers)
  • use kenji's scalaprops for testing?

    • strong yes -- Tony
  • starting point: Lens + basic data structures & type-classes [Identity, Const, Functor, Applicative, Traverse, Profunctor, Strong, Choice]

  • Task or IO or ?

    • IO not in base (too experimental -- into base once decided?)
    • Free is in base
    • Brian's opinion valuable here
  • transformers separated out, or in lens (core)?

  • monocle found that van laarhoven representation is slow

    • Why exactly is it slow? What's the best compromise?
    • composing the values has performance problem
  • the future of NonDeterminism

  • policy on code conventions and rules

    • e.g. variance (Liskov is absolutely necessary)
  • ICFP in Japan? ❤Kenji❤ will be there

  • How to do IO/Task, defer until Brian is available.

  • Take care splitting out into different modules (jars)

    • Can lead to paralysis.
    • My opinion is: split only based on degree of compromise against Scala -- Tony
      • e.g. scalaz-pure: Makes no compromises; no null, no side-effects, no type-case
      • Pertains to policy on code convention and rules
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