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Add a command to Finder services in Mac OSX to open a folder in VS Code
- Open Automator
- File -> New -> Service
- Change "Service Receives" to "files or folders" in "Finder"
- Add a "Run Shell Script" action
- Change "Pass input" to "as arguments"
- Paste the following in the shell script box: open -n -b "" --args "$*"
- Save it as something like "Open in Visual Studio Code"

Cool !!

Thank you!

Thanks :)

Awesome ! thanks!

Thanks! Thats really convenient and I learnt a new tool today.

jaxon23 commented May 21, 2017

Rock on!



tonysneed commented Jun 19, 2017

@cnstntn-kndrtv thanks!


Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

pascal79 commented Sep 2, 2017


Thanks! Was struggling to find out how to do that for a while. Your solution works like a charm.

ogzA commented Oct 6, 2017

I could open Visual Studio Code from terminal with "code ." but I needed that too. Thanks, that you have saved my life 👍

lobodpav commented Jan 4, 2018

The service can be further simplified this way. No need to execute a shell script.

lobodpav commented Jan 4, 2018

The App to be dragged into Finder's toolbar is also super easy to create.

Also, you can easily add VSCode icon to the Automator App so that it looks nice in Finder's toolbar - Cmd+I the VSCode and Automator app, click the VSCode icon and press Cmd+C. Then click the Automator App icon and press Cmd+V.

Once done, just drag&drop the Automator App onto Finder's toolbar while holding Cmd key. Final result looks like this.

rasikag commented Feb 18, 2018


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