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Last active December 27, 2022 02:57
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OpenSuSE MicroOS OpenGL Virtio Support for WindowsVMs

Its possible, if you know - to use OpenGL Support over Spice at Virt-Manager, e.g. for a WindowsVM Instance.

Just install the following dependencies to the Host:

transactional-update pkg install qemu-ui-spice-core libvirglrenderer1 qemu-ui-opengl 

The following settings at the Virt-Manager Configuration must be set:

Spice Server lokal-only with OpenGL and Video-Device selected (its not possible for Virtio!)


After enabling this - you can add/set the OpenGL Support for Virtio. If you want enable OpenGL without Spice enabled before, you get an confusing error, that OpenGL Support for Virtio is not available!

Video Modell Virtio


And just install the Spice and qemu-guest-tools dependencies for the VM.

For Example on a Windows 11 Guest VM:

OpenGL Package for Windows 11

To be able to use OpenGL at your Windows11 Client, you must install the following package from the appstore OpenGL at Windows 11 VM Client

Have a lot fun with OpenGL on your virtual Client!


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